Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Little Star

Jenna is really growing into a little girl instead of a baby! She has such a great personality developing! Here are a couple of really great photos of her from this week!

Looking cool in her shades

Posing in front of the mirror. She knows she's cute!

Jenna has just started taking steps this past week. Here are some of her first!

Jenna has been learning to come down the stairs. She can even turn the corner at the landing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kim and Greg

A couple of my friends just got married and I took some pictures of them up at the temple. I posted some of them on my photography blog. Check it out!

Friday, January 16, 2009

January Fun

Dan and I don't start school until the end of the month, so we've had lots of time to spend with Jenna. Here are a few pictures from this month.
Jenna's hair is getting pretty long in the back (it's starting to look like a mullet!) So we've started putting it into pigtails. She looks so cute! These are from last Sunday. Also, she is wearing a dress that I made for her!
So proud on her giraffe with her cracker!
This is Jenna's stink eye. Even her glares are so darn cute!
On Wednesday, we had a family day. We went to breakfast, and then to the Sparks Marina to play at the park with cousin Ellie and Auntie Anna. Jenna stood all by herself and went down the slide!

Jenna relaxing in her highchair at breakfast

She was standing for like 30 seconds before this!

Jenna is learning a few words. She knows "mama", "dada", "baby", and "hello".
In this clip she says "mom" and "hello". Along with a lot of laughing and raspberries!

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas. We spent the morning at home, opening gifts with Uncle Herbie, who was visiting from Las Vegas. The afternoon was spent at Dan's parent's house for brunch. Both Herb and Brian came. Then we picked up my parents from the airport later that evening and had dinner with them. What a wonderful Christmas to be surrounded by family. We feel very blessed to be able to see so much of our family, and we miss those we didn't see. If you look at the pictures and videos below of our morning, maybe you can pick out a surprise that we had for our family...

Jenna under the Christmas tree

A beautiful bow!

Jenna got a slinky for Christmas. She likes to wear it as a necklace instead!

Jenna got a little toy piano for Christmas. She loves it!

This is the surprise we had for our families. Jenna wore this shirt all day for the families to notice!

Jenna in her big sister shirt!


Jenna got a little playhouse for her birthday, and it makes her hair all crazy from the static!
Here are a few pictures of her playing in it!