Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jenna's 4th birthday

In December, my sweet girl turned FOUR. When did this happen?!! I can believe that Jenna is four, but I find it much harder to believe that I am the mother of that four year old.  We had a family party to attend that evening, so we celebrated her birthday in the morning.  I spent the previous evening doing this...

...hanging balloons on her door. We weren't going to be having a big birthday party or anything, so we really wanted to make sure she felt special that day with a few things.

Her special present this year was a bike. She has a little one, but outgrew it so quickly, we knew it was time for a new one.

What a big girl!

At her request, we had waffles for breakfast, which she got to eat off of the special birthday plate.

And of course, we let her play with the balloons. She promplty wrapped them all over her bike for decoration.

I also asked Jenna a few questions about herself that I hope to ask her every year to see how her answers change. Here they are:
  1. What is your favorite color?         Pink
  2. What is your favorite toy?            My doggie
  3. What is your favorite fruit?          Brocolli (fruit, eh?)
  4. What is your favorite TV show?  Dora the Explorer
  5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Soup (really? not pb&j?)
  6. What is your favorite outfit?        A dress- my yellow "Belle" one
  7. What is your favorite game?        The Joy School game ( she had just played a game at Joy School- it involved marshmallows, of course making it her favorite)
  8. What is your favorite snack?        Fruit Snacks
  9. What is your favorite animal?      A bear
  10. What is your favorite song?          I Am A Child of God
  11. What is your favorite book?          I love lots of books, you know
  12. Who is your best friend?               Jersey (little girl that lives two doors down)
  13. What is your favorite cereal?        Frosted Flakes (umm, I've never given her frosted flakes)
  14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play baseball
  15. What is your favorite drink?         Milk
  16. What is your favorite holiday?     My birthday
  17. What do you take to bed with you at night? My doggie and my bee
  18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Waffles
  19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? I don't know
  20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A princess!

I love all her different answers, some are completely her, others... well it must have just been the first thing that came to her head. I mean, really soup? I know this kid loves her pb&j's.  I can't wait to see how her answers differ next year.

Happy birthday dear Jenna. You are my first baby, and now my first 4 year old.  I love you so much!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disney on Ice and a 10k

In November, we took the kids and Cousin Emma to see Disney on Ice. So much fun! We had front row seats so the girls had a great view and they LOVED it.  Here are some pics of their cute little excited faces.

So excited to go- I made little crowns for the girls and they were a hit!


Say cheese!

At the beginning of the show they had everyone get up and dance and clap their hands- so cute! Jenna and Emma were totally into it- Lu is having malfunctions with her crown. :)

It wasso hard to get them to smile during the show, they were just blank faced, totally transfixed by the Disney magic!

Me and the boy (note that he is also mesmerized)

During intermission- strike a pose Miss Emma!

The whole gang.

There were some really great things for the show... you'll have to go for yourself to see it, I think it is one of those things that are a special part of childhood magic.  My one sneak peak? The guy playing Aladdin totally looked like Apollo Anton Ohno. Maybe what he does on the off season? Ha!

On Thanksgiving Day, I geared up for my first official 10k race in Bountiful. What a great time! I'm slow and steady, 10-11 minute miles for me. But hey, I did it! It was a fun challenge.

Lucy and Jason waiting for me by the finish.

Jenna ran out to give me a high five just before I finished!

 I did it! Hooray!

On a side note, I actually ran my first half marathon on New Year's Eve at the Olympic Oval on their indoor track. We forgot to take any pictures, which is probably a good thing, I was ready to drop! I did not train like I should have for it, I kind of did it on a whim.  Doing a half marathon when the furthest you've ever run is just over 6 miles... not really a good idea.  My next run is the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in April.  I will be training hard for that one and I'll take lots of pictures. It is so nice to set a goal and achieve it!

Totally unrelated, here is a cute video of Lu. She makes my heart happy!

And thus, the update continues...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Reno Trip... in October/November

Gah! I am a failure with this catch up. This is my final attempt... If I do not get caught up in a week's time, I'm just going to start with Christmas. I really do wish I were a little better, especially since we live so far from family now!

So here we go again...
We visited Reno at the very end of October. We even got to go trick-or-treating with my mom!

Trick or treat!

 Dan's dad on Halloween

 Even all that sugar couldn't keep Lucy awake! 

Whenever we're in Reno, we make sure to visit Aislee and Pete...okay, and their parents. The kids always have a great time playing with each other. Here's 4 of them singing/yelling "I Am A Child of God".  Niccole and I will be organizing them into a choir soon. :)

Just hanging out at Grandma's

Jason hanging out with cousin Henry. They are 2 months apart. Even though Brian and Anna's kids are blond with blue eyes and Dan's and mine are,well, not, I'm always amazed at how much our kids seem to resemble each other. Those Smith genes must run strong! Such cute little friends!

The reason we went to Reno was to see our oldest niece, Mikayla be baptized. That's why she is wearing a beautiful white dress below. We are so proud of her and her decision to be baptized. She is one smart girl and we are so lucky she is our niece!

It's always fun to go to Reno and to be with family, but I know that I can make just about anywhere home as long as these cute faces are with me! So blessed to have them, along with so many other blessings!

More to come, I promise!!!