Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Halloween... and the haircutting fiasco...

Okay, there may be the slight possibility that I am a little bit behind on this blog... or a large possibility... okay, okay, I'm playing catch up AGAIN. If you're lucky, I might make it to putting Christmas on here by March!

Well, we've had a great last couple of months. So let's start at Halloween, shall we?

We went to a local corn maze for one of our family nights in October. Check out the purple sky!

I have taken note, The Wizard of Oz is a popular theme for Halloween. We joined in the fun on that one- truthfully, I found Jenna's Dorothy costume at the DI for $2 and we already had the lion costume, so we went with it.

Our cowardly lion

Little tin man

Dorothy lovin' on the tin man.

Our whole crew at the ward party!

Other exciting events in October- haircuts. From our 4 year old neighbor. Yep, you read right.
Four. year. old.
My friend volunteered to watch the girls while I went and had lunch with Dan. As we were wrapping up, she called and said, "You are going to KILL me."  All sorts of things rushed through my head- who's bleeding, who's hurt?  And she said, "Jersey just cut their hair." She then told me how she had been listening to them playing in her daughter's room and she could hear them saying things like, "I like your hair... your hair is brown, my hair is blonde." Then she heard Jenna say, "No Jersey, don't!"  She went over and there is Jersey holding scissors and Jenna has some really short bangs going on. Then she looks at Lucy. Oh, Lucy.  Apparently she had no qualms about having her hair cut, because she let Jersey go out it without so much as a peep.  That's right, Lucy's first hair cut was performed by a 4 year old.  Needless to say, I was a little worried on the drive home. I called my hair stylist and she said, "Bring them over. Now."  When I got home, my poor friend was so upset.  This was probably good for me, because then I needed to help calm her down, which calmed me down. I just kept telling her, "It's okay, hair grows back. It could have just as easily been my kids cutting your kids hair." ( I will add that Jersey did cut her brother's hair too during this.)  Anyways, I'm glad that it happened this way, I think I was much less upset than had Jenna done it... Here are some pictures...

What I saw when I got home...

Don't remember how long Lu's hair was? Here's one taken the weekend before.

At the salon...

She was such a good girl for her cut...

Her cute "rock and roll" bangs

Poor Lu's hair was totally hacked. 

But a cute little bob was the result. I think it suits her!

Next up, our trip to Reno! Stay tuned!