Friday, May 28, 2010

That was fast!

Our friend Dave commented this about Lucy-
'I love Lucy's crawl/drag! Just wait, in a year she's going to have the buffest baby arms the world has ever seen!'

Dave, it happened so much faster than we would have ever realized... 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bees Game and Crawling (sort of)

Last Monday night we went to a Bee's baseball game for family night.
A fun time was had by all...

I got to ride the train with Jenna. It's little and you just make a short little trip outside the back of the outfield, but Jenna loved waving at all the people on the grass. Best of all, it was free!

We also got to take a picture with the mascot. I know she doesn't look it, but Jenna was excited!
I gave Jenna a little treat one day- I melted a few chocolate chips in a bowl and gave her some marshmallows to put on a fork and dip in the chocolate. She thought it was great, but doesn't it look like she's growing a goatee?

Lucy has also been practicing her crawling. Until now, she's really preferred rolling to get where she wants to go. However, Lucy still has not discovered the power of her legs, which results in a hilarious looking crawl...

I have also been brushing up on my camera skills on the girls. I posted some pictures of them on my other blog. Check it out- I'm pretty rusty, so please let me know what you think so I can improve!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Makes me want one

My sister-in-law posted this on her blog. It's for the Toyota Sienna. I don't even like minivans, but this was so hilarious, it kinda made me want one...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mini- Vacay

Last weekend, we took a mini-vacation up to Logan. It was nice to get away. We stayed with Dan's Grandma Smith and we're so glad we got to spend some time just visiting and talking with her, even though we got there kind of late. Saturday morning we visited some more and then popped over to Dan's other grandparent's (the Hatches) to say hello.
We went up to Richmond for something called Black and White Days. (It's all about cows, don't ask me...) There were some fun little things, and Jenna got to eat cotton candy, lucky girl!

Lucy got some cotton candy too. Yeah, she loved it.
There were a lot of horses there. Check out the difference between the horses on the left and right!
Jenna loved all of the really BIG horses. She said she wanted to ride them.

Fun to visit, but we are so not country folk. I wonder why...

She loved this balloon.

We also got to visit Dan's aunt & uncle. Really though, they seem too young to be called that. They're really just some of our dearest friends. We love you Casey and Katie! They also have a daughter Jenna's age, Emma, and they are such good little friends. They get along like you wouldn't believe.
Holding hands walking to the Smithfield Implement (never been there? You should go. seriously).
They are just so cute together!
Emma is so good at sharing...
Jenna made a friend in the yard.

This was such a cute video of Emma trying to help Jenna. They actually did this for a couple of minutes. Excuse the shaking, Dan had to zoom way in on this, and combine that with uncontrollable laughter- you get the idea.

We also had dinner and enjoyed some sweet Aggie ice cream with our friends, the Pounds before we took off for home. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures with them and their two cutie boys. All in all, a great weekend. I think we'll do it again sometime!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Ponytail

A couple of weeks ago, we gave Lucy her first little ponytail, right on top of her head. I thought it was pretty cute!
Of course Jenna had to get in on the action too!

I promise this was a hug. Or maybe we're training our girls to be pro wrestlers...

Help me!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just cute

I got me some cute babies. I don't need to tell anyone that looks at this blog that. I know you come for the cute pictures and not my witty intelligence, because that is probably a little more, ya know, lacking. I pretty much digressed before I even started this post...

So, I get bored here in Utah, probably because I don't know lots of people, hence don't have loads of friends. Good thing Jenna tells me every day that we are best buddies. She's awesome. Anyways, the cold winter and lots of time has resulted in lots of passes to places to play. One of which is the Discovery Museum at the Gateway Mall. It pretty much rocks and Jenna loves it. Here are some pictures from one of our many excursions there.
They have cars you can drive...
And you can play with their water toys...
...or try to get your arm stuck in them.
You can go shopping at the grocery store... the groceries home...
...and put them in the fridge (or all over the floor)!
Jenna also likes to go to the "farm" and be a cow!
It really is a cool place and well worth getting a pass for!
This picture is just in here because Lucy is darn cute!
On Mother's Day, we went to Temple Square. Jenna is quite the little missionary. After talking to the sister missionaries in one of the visitor's centers, she went up to a person by herself, showed them a picture of Jesus, and sang "I am A Child of God" to them. Go Jenna!
We took some great pictures outside...
What a ham! Dan says I make this face a lot.
On Friday, we went to dinner with one of our good friends from Reno, Jonny. Jenna LOVES him. When I got her up from her nap and told her we were going to see Jonny, she sang about going to see him the whole way there in the car. She says they're best buddies too.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Life

Friends have had this on their blog and I thought I should share it. If you have never seen this, you should. What a huge reminder for me to remember how precious life is. This mother has such a good perspective, it truly made me grateful for my family and the church. We should all be so lucky to see life the way she does.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Easter, belated

We had a great Easter, and we are now going to finally put up some pictures and videos from it. Easter fell on the same week as General Conference this year. I felt like it was an extra special treat to be able to celebrate our risen Savior by listening to the words of the prophet. Dan's brother, Brad came up for conference, so we were able to enjoy his company as well. The girls loved Easter, of course.

Here is a glimpse of them that morning.

Naturally, Lucy's favorite part was the fake grass!

We had the egg hunt inside, because it had been so cold during the week. Only afterwards did we go outside and realize it was a beautiful day!

Pictures of the girls in their cute matching dresses.

It was seriously gorgeous. This is what the tree looked like in our backyard. All of the little buds were blooming. If that doesn't say 'Spring', I don't know what does!