Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chili Cook-off and Crazy Kids

Hello! It's been a little while, so we thought we would update the world to what's new... not too much. I suppose that's why we haven't put anything up here for a while. It's a good thing we have such cute girls, or we would never post anything on here!

So, we both have rewards programs on our credit cards. To make it worthwhile, we use our credit cards a lot and pay it off every week (otherwise, it isn't worthwhile at all, because you accumulate debt!). So our points have just been adding up, and Dan finally used his for something... a bike trailer. I told him he could use it while the weather was still good, but come Christmas, it's going under the tree with a bow on it. That's how we're getting Christmas presents this year, while money is tight. Anyways, Jenna loves the trailer- she calls it her "bike-car".

Jenna trying out her new "bike car"

Jenna really loves her animals. She talks to them all the time. In fact she even thinks they get her up in the morning...

And Jenna's latest trick.
We had our ward Chili Cook-off/Trunk-or-Treat last weekend. Jenna was an elephant and Lucy was a giraffe. I just love my little animals!

Our ward activities director had made a really cool golden "bowl of chili" for the first place chili winner. She asked Dan to make a little base for it, so that it looked like a real trophy. It was so cool! You know you wish you had it displayed in your house...

What is this picture of random stuff? Well let me tell you... Jenna sleeps in her big girl bed all the time now. This means she has full access to her room. The other day before she went down for her nap (yes, she was still in her p.j.s), I was sitting in the office with her and she tried to put a pencil down the top of her footie pajamas and said "pocket". So I fished the pencil out. Well Dan put her down for her nap. After her nap, I went to get her because she was crying and she normally doesn't cry when she wakes up- she just plays. Well, I came in and asked her what was wrong and she said "owies" and touched her leg. All of this is what I found inside her pajamas. This also means that she fell asleep with at least all those pens and crayons in there, because she had to get them from the office since there aren't any in her room. Is my daughter going to be a kleptomaniac, putting things in her "pocket"?

Jenna and cousin Ellie playing at Grandma's house. They are so cute!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So, I took some pictures of a super cute baby and forgot to post it over here.  But go see his picture.  CUTE!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The sweetest girls

We love our girls! It is so fun to see how they are beginning to interact with each other. Lucy just loves Jenna. She always has a big smile on her face when Jenna talks to her. Here are some new pictures of our fantastic kids...
One morning when Dan went to get Jenna, she had all of her animal/toys feet sticking out of the crib. When Dan opened the door, she hurried to put hers out too!
Jenna also loves to jump on her bed. It's pretty intense!

Monkey see, monkey do... Jenna feeds her bear, just like we feed Lucy!

Jenna decided it would be fun to give Lucy a ride in her bouncer...
Jenna was trying to get Lucy to say "whee!" She doesn't quite grasp the fact that Lucy doesn't talk yet! In the clip, Jenna calls her Luc("loose"), because that's what we call her a lot of the time. It's amazing how much kids pick up from what you do.

A little bear!
Jenna tripped on a piece of carpet in our garage that's used to wipe your feet when you come in. She hit her chin right on the concrete step. Ouch! She was a trooper though, and pointed to it every morning, "Owies!"

Jenna and Grandpa Orrell are pals. Here they are watching a movie together. I love how she puts her arm around him!

Lucy is getting so good at smiling and cooing at us. It's great getting to see her personality develop. She is 3 months old, as of the 6th of October.

Bucket head. This is Jenna's Trick-or-treat bucket, but she likes to eat popcorn out of it (that's what is on the couch next to her).

Jenna has started taking her naps in her big girl bed. She does a great job. Today she didn't even get out of it when I put her in, or wake up when I snuck in to take this picture!

Last week I took a little "photo shoot" of Lucy while she was sleeping. I posted it on my photo blog- http://karlasmithphotography.blogspot.com

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today's adventure...

So... we just moved the twin bed into Jenna's room this morning. She was totally excited. We played hard at the park and Jenna was pretty tired. We decided to give her big kid bed a go for naptime. Dan put her down in her bed, said "night night" and closed the door. 20 minutes later, Dan went to go check on her. Coming up the stairs, it sounded like she was asleep. Oh good. One small problem. We forgot about the locks on our doors (they were installed when I was a teenager for privacy)... Jenna locked herself in!! Dan came downstairs very calmly and said "Don't freak out, but Jenna locked the door to her room." After trying all the random keys in our house, we had to call a locksmith to come open the door for us. Thankfully, she was asleep and only woke up to the sound of the locksmith unlocking her door, so she wasn't scared at all. We are now going to Home Depot to buy regular no-lock doorknobs for all the doors with locks on them that need real keys (instead of the kind you just stick a little pin in). And that was our adventure for today. Something for all of you with toddlers to think about. It'll save you $50 in the end.