Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dan's Job

So, this is Dan posting here...I know it's Karla's blog, but people keep asking us how my new job is going out here in Salt Lake so I figured I've give an update. I am working as the Marketing Manager for MainStreet Tax & Accounting Services. We have 4 locations, all in Utah. The company is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year since its start in Vernal in 1960. My biggest task since starting in November was to really brand the company and create an effective website. We launched our new website the first week of January and I continually add to it. Check it out at and give me some feedback. I've also created a facebook page for the company. Since November I have had 5-6 press releases published in major newspapers, magazines and on TV, that's pretty exciting for me. I'm having a lot of fun and feel like I am a good fit with the rest of the company. Now, we just need to draw in as many clients for tax returns as we can. Heck, if any of you need your taxes done, give us a call. We actually charge less than HR Block for basic tax preparation...and get larger returns than you can get alone on Turbo Tax...oops, the marketer in me is running loose. Just let me know what you think of the website. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A couple of things...

Jenna says some really funny things. These are just a couple that I want to share and not forget...
Jenna's new chorus to "I Am A Child of God"
'Lead me, guide me, walk beside me
Help me find the way.
Teach me all that I must do,
To listen to Mama and Dada.'

And let's not forget the classic moment in the car yesterday-

Jenna was picking her nose (I try to discourage it, but what can you do?) in her carseat as we were driving and she said to me "I need a tissue! I need a tissue!" I told her I didn't have a tissue. Jenna thoughtfully pondered this and then said, "I need a little piece of paper!" Yup, my resourceful little daughter decided the next best thing to a kleenex would be a piece of paper to wipe her booger on.

Since I've posted so much on Jenna, I feel I should update on Lucy too. She is definitely going to suffer from second child syndrome, I need to make sure I keep lots of updates on her! She can now roll over from her tummy to her back! Lucy is so sweet and we just love her. She loves to play with her feet and drool and spit up on EVERYTHING. Lucy also loves baby food. At least getting it all over. We can't wait until she can sit up her own- she's pretty stable but not quite there yet. Soon. We love those little girls!
Here are some pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure...
Jenna was an angel at the Hatch Family Christmas party
Daddy and Jenna playing in the snow in the back yard
On one of our Saturday morning trips to Einstein Bagels around the corner
Jenna is really obsessed with pockets lately and loves to have her hands in them

Lucy's first taste of baby food

Hokey Pokey

Monday, January 18, 2010

Life's Best Moments

I think that as parents, we spend a lot of time wondering if we're raising our kids to be good, kind and generous people. As the mother of a 2-year-old and 6-month-old, I feel like I spend a lot of time wondering what kind of people my girls will be. Tonight gave me hopefully a little glimpse. We will be moving soon (more on that another time) and we just sold our dining room table. Dinner left us with no options but to pull up a teeny tiny end table and sit on some boxes. Jenna was sitting on one side of it as we pulled up her high chair. She said she didn't want to sit in her high chair, so I asked her, "If you sit there (on the box), where will Mommy sit?" and gave her a sad face. Jenna looked at me and jumped up and said, "Sit here!" It was so sweet and innocent the way she offered her chair up for me. I hope that she carries that giving nature throughout her life and continues being that sweet girl she is now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jenna's Birthday

I'm still working on getting back up to date. Jenna celebrated her 2nd birthday on December 17th. Taking cue from my sister's good example with her kids, we made it a day to thank Heavenly Father for another wonderful year of life. We do that by doing something to serve others. This year, Jenna helped me make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for our neighbors. She colored wonderful cards that said "I'm glad you're my neighbor! Love, Jenna"
Here we are making the batter

Later that night, we took her to this thing at the zoo, called Zoo Lights. They put up tons of lights, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, animals, etc. It was really cool... and really COLD! We were freezing, but Jenna had a great time anyways!
Santa and his reindeer

We kept Lucy nice and warm as a little burrito!

This was a really cute display where the animals hand off the star to put it on the tree

Daddy and Jenna having fun on the carousel
What a wonderful birthday for our sweet 2-year-old! Jenna is such a blessing in our lives. She really is so wonderful and we love hearing her sing and learn things each day. Jenna is so smart and never ceases to amaze us. Here's to another wonderful year!