Saturday, April 25, 2009

Growing Up

Jenna amazes us more and more every week as she continues to grow and learn new things. Excuse our bias, but we think she is just fabulous and the darn cutest thing! Here are some pictures of her from this past week.

This first little video is from last week at the park. She is getting really good at repeating words we say to her!

A new hairstyle to keep all that long hair out of her face!

We were waiting for Daddy to get out of class one day, and we curled up on a couch together at the church institute and fell asleep. Daddy snuck in and took some pictures...

Last Sunday, Jenna and Ellie were playing at Grandma and Grandpa Smiths in the fountain out back. They got soaked, so we stripped them down to their diapers and threw their clothes in the dryer. They had a great time playing in just their diapers and their shoes!

Jenna had her first experience with the potty this last week. Here's the exciting part... she actually used it! Okay, okay, I know that we're still far away from her being potty trained, but it's a start! Here are some proud pictures with her potty!

There is a sweet couple at the institute, the Christensens. Brother Christensen just loves to spoil Jenna with cookies. This was her after having a chocolate chip cookie from him!

Jenna has also been learning to use a spoon and fork when she eats. However, the other day we put Jenna in her high chair to color with crayons and she had some cheerios left over in her cup holder area. This is what she came up with...

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Most Glorious Day

Saturday was such a beautiful day! It was mid 70's with a nice breeze- it was the kind of day that was made for a picnic at the park. We just couldn't pass it up! So we headed over to Rancho San Rafael for lunch, where it seemed every little kid was having their birthday party... Jenna loved watching the other kids and playing on the play ground. Here are some photos!
Jenna has just been learning to go down the slide by herself and she loves it!

Dan was asking Jenna for a high-5 while she was swinging- I thought it was pretty cute!

After some playtime, we went for a walk through the gardens. What an awesome family day!
Jenna just looking cute on our walk.

And for those of you who don't get to see us much and are wondering what I look like pregnant...

We'll see how much longer I let Dan take pictures of me. I just get bigger and more swollen from here on out...


What a great Easter this year! We took some family photos... here's one!
I was planning on posting a couple more videos than this, but our computer was kind of freaking out. But here is a little video of Jenna enjoying the spoils of her first Easter egg hunt (consisting of cheerios, goldfish, teddygrams, and craisins). She loved it! Listen for her little chuckle of joy in the clip!

I hope you all enjoyed Easter as much as I did. The older I get, the more I appreciate the sacrifice that our Savior, Jesus Christ, made for us. As I am beginning my own little family with Dan, I am truly grateful for the decision that Christ made to suffer for our sins so that we could be perfected in Him and return to live with our Father in Heaven. What a blessing it is to know that just like Him, we will one day live again and be able to have our families forever!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Adventures of Jenna

Jenna is such a funny little person! She has such a great personality, and is so determined to do things her own way. We love watching her grow and learn new things. These are some of her latest happenings...
Jenna has recently taken up standing on her head and looking at us through her legs. Notice the wonderful form and point of her hands. So graceful!

Jenna just loves to dance. It doesn't matter what kind of music- if she can find a beat in it, then she'll dance to it! Here she is in the kitchen dancing to one of her videos.

Dan used a laundry basket to pull Jenna and her bear around downstairs. She thought it was so much fun!

After Dan pulled Jenna around, she decided to try pulling her bear around. However, it was a little heavy for her to hold the string and pull... Dan "harnessed" her instead so she could pull it. She thought it was pretty fabulous!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Wendy

Anna let me take some pictures of my super cute niece, Wendy. I posted some of them on my photography blog. Go see them!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

At the park

My good friend Niccole and I took our daughters to the park on Wednesday. It was so fun to watch them in the swings! They had a great time. Jenna just loves to run around, and Aislee, whom I think is 6 months going on 7 months, has a good time watching Jenna go crazy. They're buddies. :) I think it's good practice for Jenna in preparing for her little sister too- she has to remember to use her soft touches with Aislee. Thanks for your patience Aislee!