Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Desperate Attempt...

...to catch up! I am going to do my best to bring this blog to current in the next few days, so be looking for a lot of new posts. Here is a whirlwind of just some of the things that have been happening lately!
One Sunday evening we went to the visitor's center on Temple Square. Jenna kept pointing at all the pictures saying, "Jesus loves them!" Notice how she's crouching at the end of the video and then yells, "Jesus!" She just spotted the Christus statue. She. was. excited.

Last month my brother also came to visit for a week. We got to do lots of fun things, including go to the aquarium. Thanks for visiting, Uncle Brian! We love you!

The same week my brother visited, Dan's cousin came home from her mission. Her name is also Jenna. Everytime our Jenna looks at this picture, she'll point to herself and Dan's cousin and say, "Two Jennas!"

There is also a park that pretty much backs our house that we go to frequently. Last month Lucy experienced her first ride in one of the swings.

We've had some really great days here that are nice and warm. I take advantage of the fantastic back yard and lay out a blanket for us to get some fresh air and some sun!

Jenna has this fantastic song that she will sing about anything. It pretty much says,
"I love (insert thing), yes I do" over and over. On our first venture into our backyard, she sang it to our trees. It took a little prompting for her to do it again in front of the camera, but it was so cute!

That's it for now, but be prepared for many more to come!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We are raising a Democrat...

See how she supports Obama in the State of the Union Address? Jenna actually stood and clapped several times... uh-oh. We better avoid politics at family dinners.


I am desperately trying to play catch up! These are from January of Lucy sitting up. She's not very good at it, but what a valiant effort! We love our little Lucy!
More to come...
Baby bright eyes!

I can do it!

That's right. She spit up and immediately face planted in it. Yum.

The boppy helps her sit.

Our spit up queen greets you by burping and launching some. Don't you love how when she sits up on her arms, she looks like one of those "big-head, little body" things?