Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well, I was close...

I tried to catch up. Here it is. Christmas. It was awesome. The end.

Jenna picked out presents to give to her brother and sister. she was so proud.

First tooth came in December

I made this dress up box look pretty. Before it looked like....


Waiting to open the Christmas pajamas

It's so hard to get all of them to look...

Dan made a treasure box for Jenna.

dress up for all!

behind Lu is my big present- a Silhouette Cameo- it's like a Cricut cutter. I may have used it before Christmas...

I've been on a big reduce, reuse, recycle kick. To the left in that white bag, the trash (reduce), the middle pile is boxes (reuse) and that brown bag and all those boxes are the recycle! Hooray for Utah's easy recycle system.

And we're cute. That is all.