Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jason's Blessing and some pictures for Dan

We sent Dan back to Salt Lake on Tuesday while I stay here in Reno for 3 more weeks.  I miss him so much already! So over the next couple weeks, I'm going to try to update for Dan, so that he can see our growing children, especially Jason, since 3 weeks will be a third of his life!!
Anyways, it was great to come out and be with family.  We chose to bless Jason at Daniel's parent's house with most of our immediate family there- Aunica the exception on Dan's side, and the newlyweds, Brian and Heidi on my side.  Dan's mom saved his blessing outfit, and we were lucky enough to use it for Jason- how special!  I have more pictures on another camera, but I'll have to access those at another time.  It was a great day and I feel so lucky to have this little spirit in our lives.

 Think we look tired? On top of having a newborn, it was a very busy weekend! My brother Brian FINALLY got married to his sweetheart, Heidi.  They were married in the Sacramento Temple for time and all eternity.  Congratulations you two!  On the way back, the girls fell asleep. 
First I looked back to see them with their heads tilted just the same-
 I then looked back not 30 seconds later, and they had both switched directions! Funny little girls.
 What did it look like at the top of the pass? That's snow you see, not rain... happy almost June, right?!!

I have more pictures on the other camera of the happy day, but again, for another post, I suppose.
These next few are for Dan in particular, just the everyday things...

Lucy literally fell asleep sitting up one day.  She was all propped up in a corner, her head resting on her lambie.  By the time I got the camera, she had started to fall over, and this is what she looked like.  Sleep comes when it does, I guess. :)

Using the wall for a pillow

 Here's a few of Jason one day.  I put him in overalls and he just looked so big and grown up!

Lastly, the girls had waffles the first day grandpa came into town.  We also made princess crowns that day, so it was a little Princess breakfast party!
More pictures to come soon!