Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dan and the girls during the reading part of our bedtime routine. They LOVE this book (thanks Auntie Debbie and Uncle Brian!).

It is moments like this that just make me so grateful to be a mother. I can't believe that we will soon be a family of FIVE and that both of my girls will be big sisters. Lucy is just so petite still and barely breaks 20 lbs! 4 more weeks (at most) and we'll be welcoming sweet baby boy Smith home.  Wish us luck!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Christmas joy in March

Well, I've got to start somewhere, right?!  This was our second Christmas out here in Utah.  It's been fun to create some of our own traditions as we are away from our families and become our own special little family, unique in so many ways.  We were so lucky to have our friend Erin with us for the holidays.  She is a fabulous spirit and made our holiday that much brighter. 
Dan and I have decided that we would like to base most of our Christmas gifts to the girls around one "theme" or "idea" each year, so that their gifts kind of go together.  It's frustrating (to us adults) to get kids a bunch of toys and then they all sit there while they have fun with that dinky thing from the dollar store...  So this year, our "theme" was a kitchen.  We found this at DI for $8:

And Dan turned it into this cute little thing:

Most of the other gifts were based around that.  I made the girls fun little aprons:

Grandma and Grandpa Smith got them some dishes, we supplied some pots, pans and food, and voila! They could play with a good amount of their Christmas goodies all at once!

They really did love it:
Lu is still growing into it... :)

They also loved their morning breakfast of cinnamon rolls. (No, they weren't homemade, but next year they will be!) I think we'll be making that a Christmas tradition!

We forgot to take a family picture on Christmas morning. :(  But we did visit Temple Square on Christmas Eve to see all the lights, and we took a family picture in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

A late Merry Christmas to you all!