Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some pictures

I didn't take out my "good" camera too much in Hawaii- just once actually. I was too busy relaxing! Anyways, I kind of wanted to try my hand at scenic photography. Afterall, Hawaii is a good place to try. Check them out if you like!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, we're back from spring break! After a week of relaxing while visiting my parents in Hawaii, boy is it hard to go back! It was great to see my parents and all of my mom's family. We miss you already! However, I definitely could do without traveling 5 months pregnant. Here are some pictures and a few videos from the trip...

The very day that we got there, my dad insisted we go to the beach, so we did. Jenna loved it, but she was a little unsure of the waves at first. Watch her legs as the wave comes up to her!

Dressed and ready to go out for the day!

My dad just loves being a grandpa. It's a good thing, because Jenna just loves being his granddaughter!

We went to the Honolulu Zoo on Tuesday. They had a whole bunch of these trees like the one behind Jenna and I in this picture. We called them "kindergarten" trees, because the trunks looked like they had been colored on with crayons because they were so colorful!

Apparently giraffes and zebras are friends. They were at this zoo!

Daddy and Jenna in front of the llama at the petting zoo area.

Fish too!

Our cute little hawaiian princess! It was quite the effort to get her to keep the flower in her hair long enough to take the picture!

After the zoo, we played on Waikiki beach. It was funny, right as we were taking this picture, a group of Japanese girls walked by. They thought Jenna was so cute, they asked to take pictures with us. So somewhere, in Japan, there are pictures of us being showed to people!

Jenna's first shave ice with Grandma and Grandpa!


My dad took Jenna for the day and Dan and I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was fun! We really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks mom and dad!

In one of the activity areas, you can try to make fire by rubbing two sticks together (They have to be from the same tree). The guy doing the demonstration made it look so easy! Dan at least got smoke! You have to look closely in the video, but it was much more impressive in real life!

They have tours from the PCC to the Laie temple. It's under construction right now, they stripped the paint off of it even (normally it's REALLY white) so we couldn't go do a session this time. Maybe next visit!
My Uncle Brian volunteers at the Waikiki Aquarium, so he gave us a tour of the place. This is him looking at fish with Jenna. Thanks for hanging out with us Uncle Brian and Auntie Debbie!

Inside the aquarium. Take a look at the monster-size fish that is next to Jenna!

Jenna becoming a professional boogie boarder with Grandma's help!

The plane ride home was a little rough, but here is Jenna in a happy moment, jamming to music in the headphones while we were waiting for the plane to take off.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just some cute stuff!

I love this outfit Jenna has on with her little pigtails! It makes her look like such a little girl instead of a baby... my little girl is growing up!

I realized that we haven't posted a good video of how well Jenna can walk. Here she is cruisin' in the kitchen!

Dan was putting Jenna in the laundry basket and playing roller coaster. He put pillows around her so that she wouldn't bounce around. Jenna had such a blast, as you can see by this picture!


Today my best friend Jenny entered the MTC before she serves in the Billings, MT mission! I still can't believe that she is gone! Jenny and I love to call each other to tell the other one random things that we thought of or just saw. I have already found myself wanting to call her to tell her crazy thoughts that have crossed my mind. I will miss her for 18 months, but I am so proud of her choice to serve a mission! Go get 'em Jen!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pregnancy Photos

I took some photos for some friends of mine, Brianne and Jason. What a cute family they are with their son, Josh. Check out some of their photos on my photography blog-

It's A Girl!

Yup, another girl! I didn't post those pictures, because Dan and I said no naked baby pictures (especially since this is a public blog) and I think that counts. But I thought these pictures were pretty cute. The first one is of her little hand waving to us, and the second one is of her cute little profile, with her hand curled up by her face!

No Shoes, no shirt, no service... what about no pants?

I went to dinner with my former Laurel's teacher, Jenny Ellis, and my best buddy, Jenny Hodes on Wednesday. Of course Jenna found that to be an opportune time to wet through her diaper and SOAK massively through her pants. Yup, in a nice restauraunt with tennis shoes and no pants! Good thing she's darn cute, or we might have been asked to leave!