Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jenna's Birthday Party

Jenna had a great birthday party! Her birthday is the 17th, but Dan had a final that night, so we celebrated on the 18th. It was so much fun and Jenna looked so cute in her little birthday tutu!

Some cute pictures of Jenna opening her presents. She loves stuffed animals!
Jenna gave kisses to people for her presents- Here she is giving Uncle Brian kisses!
This is Jenna's friend Noah- he got kisses too. As you can see his shirt helps make this the perfect little picture!Uncle Brian practicing for the new baby that's on the way to his family this February!
Jenna and her cake. She ate the entire thing! We were worried that she might get sick or be up all night, but she didn't get sick, and she was in bed by 8:30! We're going to enter her in food eating contest!

Jenna all dressed up in her new sweater from uncle Brian, pushing her new walker from mommy and daddy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

UNR Christmas Concert

I had a little solo part in our Christmas concert this year. I thought I should share it! I'm the one on the end.

Jenna- here are just a few cute little videos and pictures of Jenna from this week!
Jenna fed herself some mashed potatoes for dinner one night

As you can see, most of it ended up in her bib!

I was trying to get Jenna to say hello, but she just thought it was funny

Dan's mom graduated with her master's- yay Lisa! We went out to eat, but Jenna fell asleep before she could eat! She slept on the bench for the entire meal!

Jenna has a little giraffe that she loves to sit on, and she was balancing on it all by herself- I think she thought it was pretty fantastic!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Karla Smith Photography

Okay, so I've never done photography before, but it's something that I would really like to get into. Dan got me a nice camera for my birthday, which is a good place to start! I'm going to spend the next year kind of learning and building a portfolio. Anyways, I made a blog to post some of the photos I take, so check it out!
Please feel free to leave me comments, good or bad, because I'm just learning and could use the input!

Our Latest Happenings

We went to the park with Dan's family the day after Thanksgiving. These are just some cute photos of Jenna!

I made this little jumper for Jenna's upcoming birthday. It was my first experience with a sewing machine since 7th grade Home Economics. I think it turned out pretty good!

Jenna's first ponytail

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This week's adventures

Bath TimeJenna had bathtime with her foam letters. She really
just likes to eat them!

In the Air

Jenna stiffens her legs while she's in the air, so we kept trying to get her to stand for a few seconds afterwards! She loved being thrown in the air.

Papa's Hat

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip to Montana

On the Airplane

Jenna and Mama outside the airplane

Jenna loved looking out the window while the plane took off. She would
bounce up and down because she was so excited!

Jenna was so good on the plane, we got a lot of compliments on her good behavior!

The Butte Airport
The Butte Airport was one room, one baggage claim and one gate. It is the smallest airport I have ever seen!

Jenna in Montana
We dressed Jenna up on Halloween- it was the same day as our interview,
but they all thought she was the cutest pumpkin ever!

A real Montana girl!

The View from Here
One thing to be said is that Montana has beautiful scenery!

Jenna's First Carousel Ride

Jenna was way more interested in all the other carousel
figures than in looking at Papa and the camera!


Jenna played peekaboo with us while we were waiting in the airport.

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the local pumpkin patch and picked out some little pumpkins to
share with some families in our ward for FHE. Jenna loved it!

Jenna Dancing!

Jenna is going to be our musical prodigy! Check out her dance skills!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Blog!

So I was having problems with the program that my website uses, so I got tired of fighting with it. I'm joining the club on blogspot! I'll try and keep it updated regularly! I'll start with the newest pics and clips of Jenna.

We went camping with Dan's family. It was cold, but Jenna loved it!

We went hiking too!

These are Jenna's first pigtails. As you can tell, she really liked them, judging by her big smile!

Spaghetti Dinner!

This was Jenna's first spaghetti dinner where she got to feed herself. She thought it was great!