Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love my girls!

Okay, so maybe it's been a little while since I've picked up my "fancy" camera.  It's about time.  Today, we girls had our own little photo shoot in the backyard.  Jason was invited, but he decided a nap was more appealing. So I let my girls soak up some sun and run around in the backyard and they let me snap a few photos in return.

I love these girls and their spunkiness.  They are a lot like their mom, and that isn't always a good thing- I'm pretty stubborn and so are they.  But they say and do the best things.  Lucy calls olives finger puppets, because she is always putting them on her fingers.  Jenna brought me pretend soup from her play kitchen because I wasn't feeling well.  They are so sweet and if I may add, pretty cute too!

4 Months

Hi, I'm Jason.
I am 4 months old and I am amazing!
I am 12.5 lbs.  I can already turn from my tummy to my back, and hold my head straight up with my arms fully extended.  I'm on my way to learning how to crawl- I can get on my knees and push my body forward, but haven't quite figured out how to hold my head up at the same time.
I LOVE to be held and like to make people smile. My eyes are huge and it is rare that my parents can get a picture of me that isn't "bug-eyed" because I like to open them so wide for pictures!

Yeah, we sure do love this little guy! He is our little cuddlebug, and we are so happy to have him as a part of our family. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

She likes to move it, move it

The neighbors across the street were blasting Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean".  We didn't mind so much because it's an awesome song.  Lucy? Well, she was rocking out...