Saturday, March 30, 2013

October and November 2012

Still playing catch up! October and November were full of tons of fun and they were very busy!
We sold our Chevy Malibu- the first car Dan and I purchased together. Sniff, sniff. A little sentimental, but hey, that puppy wouldn't be able to hold our soon to be family of six!
We enjoyed the final fruits of our little garden.
Got to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves...

...and celebrated Halloween as princesses...

...and fierce dragons (or just a really adorable one).
The very beginning of November, this was put in our yard. Again, sniff, sniff. The first house we bought! The house was listed on Saturday morning and by Sunday evening we were under contract! We were set to close the middle of December, so we were under the gun to find a new place- more on that in the next post.
The first week in November...
The second week in November! It was quite the abrupt weather change!

We got to suprise our families in Reno at the end of the month with a surprise visit for Thanksgiving!
We always enjoy seeing our cousins!

We also celebrated Jenna's birthday with all of her cousins!
All the 5 year olds
Some, but not all of Jenna's cousins.

Stay tuned!

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